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Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo Usage Guidelines

The Corning logo is the cornerstone of the company's visual identity. Any use of the Corning logo must be approved by the Corning Incorporated Corporate Communications department.

The Corning logo should never be altered, stretched, adorned or modified in anyway. Consider it art, an image file or a picture. The Corning logo is NOT a font and should never be typeset. Translation of the Corning logo is not permitted.


Logo Color Options

The Corning logo can only be used in three color formats:

  • Logo in Blue PMS 301 against a light background
  • Logo 100% black against a light background
  • Logo reversed to white against a black or solid-color background with sufficient contrast to separate
Minimum Size
The Corning logo may not be any smaller than 3/8 of an inch.

Clear Space 

A defined clear space must always surround the Corning logo, equal to at least one times the cap height of the "C" in Corning.

Please contact us to obtain permission to use our logo. You will receive a response via email within 24 business hours.