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Corning's "A Day Made of Glass" Videos:

From Viral Sensation to Valuable Tool

July 2012
Described by many as the most watched corporate video of all time, “A Day Made of Glass” has captured the imaginations of millions with Corning’s vision for the future of glass technologies. The video, and its companion pieces, “A Day Made of Glass 2” and “A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked,” have become viral sensations, but also a valuable tool for companies and organizations across industries, and across the world.


Since their respective YouTube launches in 2011 and 2012, the three videos have grossed over 21 million combined views. Shortly after its online introduction, “A Day Made of Glass” became the second most shared video on Twitter over a 30 day period. This surprising amount of social media chatter put Corning’s video in the company of stars like Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen for that month-long period.

Celebrities and social media aside, the reach of the videos has expanded into educational institutions, small businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations that have contacted Corning to request copies and express their thoughts on the innovations depicted in the videos.

“The unexpected opportunities and interest generated by the videos continues to surprise us,” said Lisa Burns, director of corporate marketing and branding. “Even more than a year after the first video debuted on our YouTube channel, Corning is still receiving inquiries from companies, organizations, and individuals from across the globe.”

In the realm of education and academia - teachers, students, and professors from universities, high schools, and elementary schools have shown their classes the videos as a teaching tool on what the world could look like someday. Others used the videos to demonstrate how future technologies could influence a specific career field or area of study, or to spark conversations on how students might be inspired by this future vision.  A few educators and non-profit museums have also incorporated aspects of “A Day Made of Glass” into research papers, textbooks, exhibitions, or video library collections.

Companies and corporations, from small businesses through the ranks of the Fortune 500, are sharing the videos at industry conferences, trade shows, and internal employee events. These companies are using the “A Day Made of Glass” series to inspire thought leaders on different innovations or to demonstrate what the information technology, retail, entertainment, manufacturing, architecture, or other business sectors of tomorrow, could look like.

As requests to use the video continue, Corning also receives a significant number of inquiries from companies and organizations wishing to collaborate on future innovations and to help make our vision into a reality.

“The video series has opened doors to new collaborations with companies and industries outside of Corning’s typical business-to-business focus,” explained Lisa. “These unique and growing opportunities help to expand the capabilities for possibly achieving the vision demonstrated in the videos.”