2023 3D Cell Culture User Day

Join the Discussion on Future Applications of 3D Cell Culture

In the past several years, 3D cell culture has seen growing interest and acceptance across many critical research areas. With this adoption and implementation of new, sophisticated 3D models, has come the need to share knowledge on how to get started in and the best ways to optimize 3D cultures.

At the 2023 3D Cell Culture User Day, Corning will bring together industry leaders and innovators from top academic and pharmaceutical organizations to:

  • Share ideas and information on current and future 3D applications, including spheroid, organoid and tissue models.
  • Review and discuss 3D applications, including practical information and tips for working with novel and advanced models.
  • Introduce new users to best practices and tips to get started in 3D cell culture.
  • Foster discussion and networking among industry leaders on 3D workflow optimization, trends, and innovation.

Agenda on Wednesday, October 18

Featured Speakers