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rLaminin-521 (Human)

Corning Life Sciences and BioLamina

A collaboration focused on bringing together better solutions for stem cell research

Solutions for stem cell research

Corning has partnered with BioLamina for the supply of recombinant human laminin 521 (rLaminin-521), a next generation surface that enables feeder-free, single cell passaging of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) without ROCK-inhibitor. Now we've gone one step further and are working together to combine BioLamina’s expertise in recombinant laminin expression with Corning’s extensive line of vessels and proprietary surface coating technologies. This partnership brings robust and scalable expansion solutions to the emerging stem cell processing market, enabling our customers to scale-up effectively and mitigate risk.

Now backed by Corning’s large network, worldwide distribution channels, and cell culture portfolio, researchers globally have better access and availability to rLaminin-521 (Human) than ever before. 

rLaminin-521 (Human) joins the Corning ECM mimetic and advanced surfaces family: animal component-free surfaces suited for stem and progenitor cell expansion under cGMP processing environments.

rLaminin-521 (Human) Vialed Format

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Corning rLaminin-521 Product Literature

Corning rLaminin-521 Product Literature

Learn more about the benefits of Corning rLaminin-521 (Human) surface.

Corning rLaminin-521 Product Literature

From unique product features to specific application data and information, this product detail sheet presents comprehensive information about the benefits of using rLaminin-521 (Human) for your human pluripotent stem cell research applications.

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FAQs: Corning rLaminin -521

FAQs: Corning rLaminin -521

Get answers to commonly asked questions about Corning rLaminin-521 (Human).

Frequently Asked Questions: Corning rLaminin-521

From cell seeding techniques and density recommendations to the most effective types of media culture to use with this surface, this FAQ answers some of the most commonly asked questions about how to optimize cell culture with Corning rLaminin-521 (Human).

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Coming soon

Coming soon

Corning® PureCoat™ rLaminin-521 Cultureware

A New Solution for Stem Cell Expansion, Simplicity, and Purity – Launching Soon!

Streamline workflow, simplify processes, lower risks, and manage costs across the entire spectrum of stem and progenitor cell types.

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