Obtain unique, functional surface activity to enable a range of specialized cell expansion and assay applications.

Support the propagation and differentiation of a wide range of stem, progenitor, and primary cell types with Corning® ECM Mimetic surfaces and substrates. Made with biologically active, synthetic, or recombinant animal-free peptides and proteins, our ECM mimetic and advanced surfaces enable optimal cell binding and signaling in a broad range of serum-free, xeno-free, and animal-free media formulations.

cGMP-compliant manufacturing and animal-free traceability — manufactured in animal-free, cGMP compliant facilities that meet ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2012 standards using animal-free components, Corning ECM mimetic and recombinant laminin surfaces mitigate variability and risk of contamination from adventitious organisms common to animal-sourced material.

Scalable, pre-coated, room-temperature-stable vessel platforms — streamline the cell expansion workflow by removing the need for tedious, time consuming, and inconsistent self-coating protocols. Pre-coated recombinant laminin-521, Fibronectin peptide, Collagen I peptide, or Corning Synthemax® peptide surfaces are ready to use, stable and are available on multilayered vessels, such as the Falcon® Multi-Flask and Corning CellSTACK® vessels with closed system options.

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ECM Mimetic and Defined Surfaces Product Details and Applications


Beyond Bisphosphonates: Inhibiting Bone Resorption Without Impacting Bone Rebuilding

Taking advantage of an advanced cell culture surface developed by Corning, scientists were able to identify cellular activity that revealed a deeper look into how osteoclasts work to facilitate bone resorption. Their research is providing vital information that may lead to the development of novel therapeutics offering advantages over treatments currently available for bone loss.

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Simplify PSC Expansion with rLaminin-521, the Next-gen hPSC Surface

Simplify PSC Expansion with rLaminin-521, the Next-gen hPSC Surface

Streamline your pluripotent stem cell (PSC) culture workflow with rLaminin surface, a robust, animal component-free substitute enabling ROCK-independent, single cell passaging of pluripotent stem cells in defined media environments

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Corning Ultra-Low Attachment Surface

Corning Ultra-Low Attachment Surface

Unique hydrogel surface inhibits cell attachment.

Available on dishes, flasks, and well plates, our Ultra-Low Attachment surface is a unique hydrogel coating that greatly helps prevents cellular attachment.

The Ultra-Low Attachment surface is designed for:

  • Maintaining cells in a suspended, unattached state.
  • Preventing stem cells from attachment-mediated differentiation.
  • Preventing anchorage-dependent cells from dividing.
  • Reducing binding of attachment and serum proteins to the substrate.
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