Emissions Control System Design & Engineering Services | System Modeling, Prototyping, Support, and Testing | Corning

Optimizing Performance, Minimizing Costs

Optimizing Performance, Minimizing Costs

Our Services

Are you looking to balance conversion efficiency, horsepower, space constraints, durability, system cost, and fuel economy? We can help.  

With over four decades of emissions control expertise, Corning offers strategic design and engineering services to our industry customers. Through close collaboration, we deliver solutions that help optimize system performance, and address tough challenges like efficiency and durability.

Modeling and Simulating

Let our technical expertise in gasoline and diesel systems help bring your innovation to life.

What we offer:

•       CAE tools

•       Catalyst performance

•       Pressure drop

•       CFD flow modeling

•       Thermal modeling

•       FEA modeling


System Support and Prototyping

Collaborate with us in the early stages of development and we can help you achieve the most efficient converter and filter systems.

What we offer:

•       Emissions control system planning

•       3-D design

•       Space optimization

•       Emissions control system prototyping

•       Prototype manufacturing

•       Prototype canning


Lab and Field Testing

Putting our technologies to the test has always been an integral part of Corning’s innovation and quality assessment process. Our research and engineering teams vigorously assess and analyze current and developmental products in the lab and in the field.

What we offer:

•       Diesel engine test center

•       External test facilities

•       Vehicle fleet testing

•       Canning testing

•       Durability testing

•       Product performance testing

•       Field event analysis