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Corning Optical Communications Newsletter February 2012



A Date With Density

If you have 10 minutes to spare before your next task, you could always calculate the density of a black hole. Apparently, matter near to the singularity of a black hole is about ten trillion times as dense as matter on earth.

Bizarre as it may sound, all of this begs the question: how much denser can datacentre cabling get, and what will happen (disappearance into a silent implosion of logic, anyone?) when it reaches this limit?

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Hot on the heels of our last round-up that explored high performance computing at an Icelandic ex-NATO base, it seems extreme datacentres are becoming a source of national pride, given the evidence of a new facility in Norway which uses the fresh freezing waters of a local fjord to 'cool its motherboards'. Over in Colorado USA meanwhile, plans are afoot to develop an innocuous looking one square mile plot into a fully sustainable microgrid driven datacentre operating at 100MW scale. Both are just drops in the ocean by Facebook standards, as the social networking monolith looks set to spend $1.6bn on its datacentre build-outs in 2012 alone.

Elsewhere, the UK's Metropolitan Police is waging war against organised crime gangs exploiting the lucrative black market in stolen copper cabling, with its new 'Waste and Metal Theft Task Force' picking up where 'Operation Ferrous' left off. But crooks are paying the price for their ill-gotten gains, say the police, who reveal two people are killed per week trying to steal cables.

On safer ground, IBM is looking forward to launching its 'Sequoia' supercomputer later this year. Twice as fast as anything else on the planet, the system will be capable of unleashing 20 petaflops of processing power and could be put to work modelling nuclear deterrents so that physical testing need no longer take place.


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In this issue we meet Baris Kucukay, Corning Optical Communications Enterprise Networks Sales Director for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey. Although based in Dubai, Baris never seems to stop travelling, meeting customers and answering the demand for fibre rich networks throughout this fast-developing region.

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With the evolution of pre-terminated, plug-and-play cabling solutions, many large enterprise datacentres are enjoying faster installs and smoother ongoing adds, moves and changes as a result. But what effect is this having on the skills levels of cabling installers? Will a de-skilling of the highly specialised craft of fibre-optic splicing threaten the industry itself?

In this debate, we invited opinions from two UK based installers; Bryn Thomas of Next Systems and Scott Baker from NG Bailey.

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Gorilla Glass 2 Unveiled

Corning Gorilla Glass – the damage-resistant cover glass used in 600 million smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices worldwide – is now 20% thinner; enabling sleeker handset design and improved customer experience. This new generation of technology was unveiled at January's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


A Day Made of Glass 2 Video

Corning launched "A Day Made of Glass 2" on Friday, and early reviews were glowing from Wall Street analysts and employees alike. The six-minute video, available now on YouTube, shows highly engineered glass at work in a futuristic home environment, as well as in educational and medical settings.


Your Customer Feedback Inspires Latest CCH Enhancements

The new design changes to Corning Optical Communications closet connector housings (CCH), launched this month, are the result of engaging and listening with customers about their evolving needs. So thank you all! Tens of thousands of product development hours have been spent enabling:


> Better design and materials to make hardware easier to inspect, work within and exit – all without disturbing connectivity
> Faster and simpler cable strain relief
> Properly installed and protected splicing, inside the CCH hardware itself
> More labelling options including built-in components and templates which are simple and customisable


UniCam Web Resources

Ensure you visit our  new Unicam website , which provides all the product related information you need in one place, including installation videos as well as warranty documentation and troubleshooting data.

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Networking with us

Our 2012 schedule of seminars and tradeshows has already proved popular, with key Corning events in January and February.

> In London, we again committed our sponsorship support to the Cisco Live! international tradeshow, held from 31st January to 3rd February. If you weren't one of the 28,000 participants, you missed a great show that combined a huge exhibition alongside a dedicated 4-day conference programme.
> In Munich, it was the first major LANline TechForum event of 2012, from 31st January to 1st February. Around 320 participants attended, and witnessed a presentation of the very latest Corning Optical Communications innovations. If you missed us in Munich we look forward to meeting you in Cologne at the next event in the LANline series, on 26th and 27th June.

Access our  regularly updated events schedule for more details of what Corning Optical Communications has planned in EMEA for 2012



In a parallel universe somewhat like our own, Donald Duct is the permanently bemused Managing Director of The Cable Stable, a pan-European supplier of structured cabling, door fixings and hot beverage vending machine solutions for the enterprise IT market. Cautionary tales from Donald's true-to-life online diary are reproduced by kind permission, and are not endorsed by anyone of sane mind.

"I know I go on about the old days sometimes, but really, they don't make stuff like they used to. There was a time, about 3 years after you bought one that a brand-new car would end up rusting itself into near-oblivion. Then you'd know to spend the next 3 years prolonging its existence, patching up the worst spots with filler and remembering to towel down the wheel arches after driving somewhere in the rain. Everyone could plan for that kind of economics. Nowadays of course, it's as if some things out there are being made with the expressed intention of lasting forever. Madness if you ask me; killing off all that repeat business opportunity..."

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