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 LANscape® PretiumTM  EDGE Solutions

Corning Optical Communications’ LANscape Pretium EDGE Solutions  is  a preterminated optical cabling system that takes your data centre to the next level. Consisting of optical trunks, harnesses, modules, housings and jumpers, Pretium EDGE Solutions address the evolving concerns of data centre owners and operators, helping them increase revenue, reduce expenses and minimize risk.

Compared to traditional data center cabling systems, Pretium EDGE Solutions offer:

 - 35 percent faster installation
 - 25 percent faster moves, adds and changes
 - 100 percent more density

For further information on Pretium EDGE Solutions please click on the following links:

Pretium EDGE Solutions Photo Gallery

Edge photo galery

Pretium EDGE Solutions Tour    

Edge tour

Pretium EDGE Solutions Recources
> EDGE brochure  
also available in  German  | Spanish  | Italian 
> EDGE specification sheet 
also available in  German  | Spanish |
> EDGE e-catalogue

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