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Up close detail of Celcor® LFA Substrates

Celcor® LFA Substrates

Celcor® LFA Substrates

Corning® Celcor® LFA Substrates Set the Standard for Clean Diesel

Our line of large frontal area (LFA) substrates delivers reliable performance under the demanding conditions of day-to-day diesel operation in heavy-duty vehicles. With a selection of back pressure and geometric surface area combinations, our advanced substrates enhance system performance.

Discover Advanced Solutions with Corning® Celcor® LFA Substrates

  • Best-in-class technical expertise from the company that pioneered cellular ceramic solutions and set the standard for clean diesel worldwide
  • Range of products to address tightening global standards

Product Highlights

  • Provides flexibility to systems requiring more surface area in the same volume, or lower pressure drop with the same surface area
  • Resistant to extreme temperature gradients
  • Excellent thermal shock performance due to low coefficient
    of thermal expansion
  • Precision control of porosity for proper application and
    adhesion of washcoat
  • Able to withstand packaging loads and subsequent exposure
    in vehicles to vibration, load shock, and temperature changes
  • Thin walls enable reduced pressure drop


For heavy-duty on-road and non-road diesel applications, such as trucks, buses, construction and agricultural equipment.

Product Attributes