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Tropel® Wafer Analysis Systems

Tropel® Wafer Analysis Systems

Tropel® Wafer Analysis Systems

Tropel® Wafer Analysis Systems

Corning Specialty Materials has a long heritage of providing solutions to semiconductor equipment manufacturers. The Tropel line of wafer analysis equipment enables measurement of wafer substrates from 2” to 450mm regardless of material type and surface finish.

The continued demand for higher-density chips with smaller critical dimensions leads to tighter substrate form tolerances both on the global scale and on the individual die-site scale.  Corning Tropel® has optimized our patented interferometry technologies for the highest-precision wafer flatness measurements.  From wire saw to finished wafer, you can quickly and accurately measure wafer topography to verify that you or your customers have the ability to achieve the required device yields.

All Tropel® wafer systems measure flatness, taper, thickness variation, thickness, stress, bow, warp, SORI, and all SEMI standard parameters including stepper simulation of any wafer surface.

Tropel® UltraSort™ II FlatMaster Semi-Automated Wafer

The Tropel UltraSort II FlatMaster Semi-Automated Wafer System is ideal for processes development, regardless of material type.  Combined with our state-of-the-art optical fabrication techniques and Tropel's renowned phase-shifting analysis software, the FlatMaster Semi-Automated Wafer system offers full-form surface information with 50 nanometer accuracy in seconds.

Tropel® UltraSort™ II

The Tropel UltraSort II is a fully automated, non-contact metrology tool designed for fast and accurate measurement of semiconductor wafers ranging in sizes from 2 inches to 8 inches in diameter. The user-configurable menu software allows the operator to define the sorting criteria via cassette-to-cassette wafer handling.

The UltraSort II is capable of measuring a variety of materials including silicon, gallium arsenide, sapphire, quartz, germanium, Silicon Carbide and others. This Class 100 cleanroom-compliant system integrates a grazing-incidence interferometer with industry-standard robotic handling.

Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300

The Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300 (Multi-Surface Profiler) is a frequency stepping interferometer that provides fast and accurate metrology for 300 mm glass and silicon wafers.  In seconds over 3 million data points are collected with sub-micron accuracy enabling total thickness and flatness characterization over the entire surface.

The ability to measure flatness, thickness, and thickness variation of 300 millimeter glass and silicon wafers is critical for successful integration of 3DIC assemblies. Traditional contact probes or conventional interferometry systems are too slow or do not have the necessary accuracy for larger fields of view.

Corning’s Tropel®  metrology instruments group has solutions to meet all your metrology needs.