SnapCab® Pod and Portal Installations at Corning Facilities | Collaborative and Interactive Modular Office Solution | Corning

CORNING, N.Y. – Several Corning facilities in the U.S. are featuring SnapCab® Pod office spaces of the future and SnapCab® Portal collaboration spaces featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The Pod and Portal debuted at North America’s design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, (NeoCon) this past summer – where both products attracted great attention and the Pod received the Silver Award in the “Workplace Technologies” category.

“Office interiors are moving towards more open and collaborative work environments,” said Kimberly O’Connor, Business Development Manager, Corning® Gorilla® Glass for Interior Architecture. “These SnapCab products offer a flexible solution that allows privacy, additional meeting space, and also encourages an interactive and collaborative work experience.”

Corning’s Interior Architecture team and SnapCab®, a paneling system company, have worked together since 2013 on a variety of interior architecture applications that feature Corning Gorilla Glass. Initial work focused on elevator interiors and lobby walls and recent work has expanded into furniture pieces such as the Portal and Pod.

SnapCab's innovative office interior products offer a flexible solution that allows privacy, additional meeting space, and encourages an interactive and collaborative work experience.

The Pod is a freestanding, modular, movable office that facilitates productivity, inspires innovation, and cultivates creativity. Sullivan Park recently installed a Pod in the DX collaboration area at the end of 2017. This space is open for Corning employees to explore while not in use for customer demonstrations.

“The Pod allows for an open workspace without distractions and has the added benefit of power and ventilation and it also is great for privacy for a phone call or a small meeting,” Kimberly said. “Gorilla Glass makes the Pod unique because of the beautiful panoramic gigapixel images available within the units that are printed in life-like, exquisite color and detail, offering a remarkable ‘out of office’ experience.”

The Portal is a multimedia wall that is innovative, engaging, and encourages employee collaboration. In 2017, three Corning locations installed Portal’s in their facilities. Two were installed within the Sullivan Park campus, one in the Fundamental Research building lobby, and one in the Glass Age Gallery. Corning Technology Center – Silicon Valley installed five Portal’s and Corning’s Headquarters building in Corning, New York installed two for the small conference rooms in the lobby.

“The Portal is easy to use and is available for employees to try out by simply logging on with Corning credentials,” Kimberly said, “It opens the doors to a collaborative brainstorm opportunity where employees can write on the wall panels, sketch out solutions, and have a fully immersive sound experience from the seamlessly integrated speakers also featuring Gorilla Glass.”


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