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Community Involvement: Manages Waste

Community Involvement: Manages Waste

Corning Co-Sponsored Event for Safe Disposal of Household Waste

Corning Co-Sponsored Event for Safe Disposal

October 2014

Corning recently teamed up with Steuben County, N.Y., to hold a successful Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, enabling local residents to drop off items such as paints and sealers, aerosols, solvents, acids/bases, pesticides, and other household waste items that should not end up in trash bags headed for the landfill.

Corning’s Corporate Environmental Control team co-sponsored the event for the first time this year, building on past electronic recycling collaborations with the county.

Mark Cates, director of Corporate Environmental Control at Corning, said, "We were glad to be able to help bring this service into the community as part of Corning’s commitment to the environment. We all know certain things should not just go in the trash, but there isn’t always a way for people to properly deal with some very common items that really need to be disposed of correctly."

About 135 residents registered to drop off their hazardous items. The collected waste amounted to almost a full semi-trailer load. There were 38 drums and 17 boxes worth of waste items, which were partially processed on-site by an environmental waste contractor and then packaged and shipped to a facility for proper disposal or recycling.