Product Average Lead Times | Life Sciences Supply Chain | Corning

As of February, 2022

Due to industry-wide shortages in raw materials, as well as unprecedented demand, lead times for some products are longer than usual. The chart below shows products with average lead times longer than 8 weeks. All other products have lead times of 8 weeks or less.

To see in-stock dates for specific items with lead times of 8 weeks or longer, go to the product’s catalog page and select “Check Availability.”

Lead times reflect the current average time between when an order is received and when it is shipped to our customers. Lead times are approximate and can vary significantly due to changes in material availability and demand fluctuations. If you placed your order with a channel distribution partner, they will communicate delivery times directly with you. We cannot dictate the prioritization of shipments to their customers.

Note: There are alternate products in some product categories, but availability is highly limited. Most alternatives have been exhausted and are currently on backorder.