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Technical Papers

Technical Papers

Technical Papers

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The following papers are posted on this website with permission from SAE International. They may not be shared, duplicated, or transmitted in any manner without prior written permission from SAE.

Filters & Substrates
High Porosity Substrates for Fast-Light-Off Applications (SAE #: 2015-01-1009)
Development of Super-Light Substrate for LEV III/Tier3 Emission Regulations (SAE #: 2015-01-1001)
Review of Vehicular Emissions Trends (SAE #: 2015-01-0993)

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On Road Durability and Field Experience Obtained with an Aluminum Titanate Diesel Particulate Filter 
(SAE #: 2007-01-1269)

Emission Testing
Onboard Gasoline Separation for Improved Vehicle Efficiency (SAE #: 2014-01-1200)
Driving Down On-Highway Particulate Emissions (SAE #: 2006-01-0916)
Effect of Thermal Mass and Aging on CO-NOx Crossover and Light Off Behavior (SAE #: 2005-01-1106)

> The Effect of Three-way Catalyst Selection on Component Pressure Drop and System Performance (SAE #: 2009-01-1072)
Impact of Ceramic Substrate Web Thickness on Emission Light-Off, Pressure Drop, and Strength (SAE #: 2008-01-0808)

Substrate Physical Properties
Extruded Zeolite Catalysts for Lean Exhaust Application (SAE #: 2005-01-111)
Evaluation of a Stronger Ultra Thin Wall Corning Substrate for Improved Performance (SAE #: 2005-01-1109)