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Corning’s Innovative Emissions-Control Solutions – Here’s how it works

Our ceramic substrates and particulate filters are proven tools for improving the world's air quality. Sitting at the heart of pollution control systems, our clean-air technologies can be found in gasoline and diesel vehicles, passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks, farming and construction equipment. Watch how our innovative environmental products help reduce harmful gases and particulates from vehicle exhaust. 

Life is Breathtaking

In the exhaust systems of cars and trucks, Corning’s products are hard at work to help make our world cleaner, greener, and a healthier place to live. Our ceramic substrates and particulate filters are complex, but their purpose is clear: It all comes down to making the air we breathe cleaner, so we can all enjoy life’s breathtaking moments.

More than 40 years of Corning Clean Air Technologies

Watch history unfold in a video showcasing Corning Environmental Technologies milestones.

Making Clean Air Possible - The Corning® DuraTrap® Filter

Why emissions control? Because without it, billions of tons of pollutants would inhabit the air we breathe. To see a Corning® DuraTrap® filter in action trapping nasty soot particles, watch this quick demonstration video.

Corning® FLORA® Substrates

Did you know that up to 70% of total regulated pollutants from gasoline engines can occur within the first 30 seconds after starting your car? Well, not for long now that Corning’s breakthrough FLORA® substrate is on the scene. It features a novel material that significantly reduces the overall mass of the substrate so it activates 20% faster than conventional substrates…and gets at those pollutants at engine start.