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Rows of small, clear, and round optical components

High Resistance Glass for Molds and Blanks

Glass for Molds

Our high-performance glass composition provides geometric precision and high durability  for glass molds and glass blanks.

Advanced Optics

High-Resistance Glass for Molds

High-Resistance Glass for Molds

Corning’s QE glass blanks for molds feature a high-performance glass composition, specially designed for plastic lens manufacturers who expect both geometric precision and high durability.

QE glass is reliable, quality consistent, and suited to all types of lenses, plastic materials, and curing processes. 

It can be chemically strenghtened through an ion-exchange process to bring exceptional mechanical properties (strong compression and penetration depth for enhanced breakage and scratch resistance). Its chemical properties (resistance to water, acid and alkali) ensure mold integrity for hundreds of casting-cleaning loops.