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Specialty Glass Capabilities

Specialty Glass Capabilities

Specialty Glass Capabilities

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Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramics

Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramics

Corning Specialty glass has a broad range of capabilities including melting and forming as well as finishing and characterization. The versatile manufacturing capabilities enable production of more than 60 glass compositions each year in many different shapes including pressings, bars, strips, blocks, rods, sheets etc.


Different melting technologies enable production of glass :

  • From 1.4 to 1.9 index
  • From clear to tinted
  • From 2.5 to 5.2 density
  • With photochromic properties, from clear to dark or from tinted to tinted dark
  • With low viscosity
  • With sharp UV cut-off
  • With low Tg

A vast majority of glass types can be produced: White Crowns, Fixed Tints, Baryums, Flint, Soda lime, Boro Silicate, Alumina Silicate, lead glass, Lithia potash borosilicate glass, Lanthanum Niobium Borate glass, phosphate and Fluo-Phosphate glass, germanium based glass, glass ceramics…

Capacity from small crucibles (40kg/ run) to large tanks :

  • For low to large volume requests
  • To accompany the development of new products, from pilot to industrial scale


Very wide capabilities from 4g to 4 tons / Rods : D76 x 317 / other customized dimensions available

  • Pressings
    • Near net shape, gobs, discs, …
  • Bars : customized dimensions on request
    • Typical dimensions  :  190x80mm, 80-150x15-40mm, 355x330x55-60mm,
  • Blocks : up to  1600x1400x400mm
  • Rods : D76 x 317 other customized dimensions
  • Sheet :
    • Thickness from 0.05 to 50mm glass sheets
    • Dimensions up to 2800x1400mm
  • Glass powders : specific compositions developed as crushed glass for sealing or decoration purposes


Raw plate polishing equipment, down to 5mm thickness

Grinding & Screening: from cullet to 325 mesh


On-line and off-line equipment for glass measurement during production : index, abbe number, transmission, color, photochromism, density, composition, chem-temper ability, …

Additional equipment available at Corning European Research Center (20km from Bagneaux) for extensive glass characterization : mechanical performances, electrical performance, thermal performance, chemical performances, rugosity, etc…


More than 60 different glass compositions melted per year

More than 5000 different models produced per year