Korea Chem 2019

GOYANG CITY, KOREA – Corning® Advanced-Flow Reactors (AFR) recently showcased its reactor technologies at the 2019 Korea Chem show in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, Korea. Korea Chem serves as a forum for equipment manufacturers to display the latest technologies for industrial, petrochemical, food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical chemical processing to approximately 35,000 chemical industry professionals.

“We have seen growing interest in flow chemistry and continuous manufacturing for pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries in Korea over the past few years,” said Dr. Yi Jiang, president and general manager of Corning Advanced-Flow Reactor Technology Co., Ltd. “This show provides an opportunity for us to meet with a vast network of chemical companies in the region to help them realize the potential of our technology.”

Attendees at Korea Chem were able to see a live demonstration of the G1 reactor for lab to small-scale production, as well as the G4 reactor for industrial production. These demonstrations gave potential customers exposure to Corning’s continuous flow technology, showing the scope of AFR’s product line, and how quick and easy it is to scale-up to industrial manufacturing.

On day two of the show, Yi delivered a talk titled, “Continuous Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Fine Chemicals with Advanced-Flow™ Reactor Technologies” as part of the Chemical Machinery session. Yi highlighted how Corning’s reactor technology is helping to drive innovations in continuous flow processing for API production.

“Our reactors enable chemical manufacturers to quickly and seamlessly scale-up production, reduce their footprint, and implement inherently safer technology in their facilities while producing better quality products at a significantly lower cost,” Yi said. “The Korean market is a leading innovator, with companies always looking for the best and newest technology. We aim to provide Korean companies with the most innovative and inherently safe technology for multiproduct chemical manufacturing.”

Earlier this year, the Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS) – the leading safety management organization in Korea that performs safety tests and grants certifications for equipment used in hazardous locations – certified Corning’s G4 reactor as “explosion proof equipment” after a comprehensive audit of AFR’s manufacturing facility in France.

"With an increased focus on safety and performance in the region, the stamp of approval from the KGS will help drive adoption of AFR technology,” Yi said. “As interest continues to grow in Korea, we look forward to expanding our presence in the region, and are glad to be teaming with our Korean distributor, Well E&C Co., Ltd. to work toward implementing the first industrial installation this year.”