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Deployment Scenario Analysis

Deployment Scenario Analysis

Whether you are maintaining your infrastructure to stay ahead of bandwidth demand or building your network from the ground up, you have scores of decisions to make – and every one of them can impact your bottom line. Before exploring specific connectivity products, connect with us for value that extends well beyond our portfolio.

When it comes to deploying optical infrastructure, you have architectures and deployment options—each with advantages and costs. In this complimentary one-on-one session, we will talk through the variables for your network, including distance between homes and local labour rates. Your takeaway: will the per-home-passed price tag and start-to-finish timeline for the various deployment options you’re considering.

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We’d be happy to discuss the details of your broadband vision and can provide you with a cost analysis that compares the speed and cost of deployment for a full-splice, semi-precon, and full-precon deployment in your community.

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