Dynatex DTX-200 by CLT

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Dynatex Tools By Corning Laser Technologies (CLT)

Dynatex Tools By Corning Laser Technologies (CLT)

Dynatex DTX-200 by CLT for Scribe & Break

Dynatex International has a 60-year history in die singulation. Designed for optimal speed in dicing narrow streets on III-V substrates (like InP or GaAs) and hard materials, dry-process dicing is the optimal solution for high-yield manufacturing. With a fast, user-friendly interface and fully automated processing, the process reduces downtime and human intervention. The precision diamond scribe tool processes 3-5 microns of a 20-micron street, allowing more die-per-wafer, which is efficient and economical. The breaking method enables a precise means of die separation with minimal debris, ensuring better quality cuts and a higher overall device yield.

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  • RFICs
  • Si-Photonics III-V chips
  • Laser Diode Cleaving and Matrix Bar-to-Die separation
  • OptoElectronics Devices (PhotoDiodes, Modulators, etc.)
  • MEMS and BioMedical devices with sensitive structures/coatings
  • LED separation (typically Break Only application)


CLT nanoPerforation & Dynatex DTX-200 by CLT mechanical break

For applications involving glass, the unique combination of Corning Laser Technologies’ nanoPerforation process (e.g., with a CLT 400S-WD) paired with mechanical breaking by a Dynatex DTX-200 expands the processing capabilities.

Examples of new capabilities include: 

  • Dies in sub-mm size
  • Heat-sensitive coatings 
  • Glasses with low CTE

The separation is typically followed by a tape expand step, for which we offer the Dynatex DXE 5 & 9 Series Wafer Expander by CLT.

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