Corning Ribbon Ceramics

Ceramics as you’ve never seen them before

Device manufacturers need innovative new materials to develop smarter, faster, and smaller next-generation electronic devices. Corning has invented a new generation of high-performance ceramic substrates in entirely new form factors that can help solve customer problems and lead technology developers into the future.

Corning Ribbon Ceramics are ceramics as you’ve never seen them before: thin, flexible, durable, and available in large area, continuous format.

Available in Two Distinct Compositions

Available in Two Distinct Compositions

Alumina Ribbon Ceramic

Alumina Ribbon Ceramic is a thin, flexible substrate that has a smoother native surface with fewer defects than commercially available thin ceramic sheets. Alumina Ribbon Ceramic conducts heat efficiently and is an excellent electrical insulator even at high temperatures.


Download the Alumina Ribbon Ceramic Product Information Sheet.

Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic

In addition to being thin and flexible with a smooth, low-defect surface, Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic is also mechanically durable and ionically conductive at high temperatures.

Leveraging our deep understanding of ceramic engineering and modeling, Corning invented a revolutionary roll-to-roll (R2R), continuous manufacturing process to produce high performance, fully dense ceramic substrates in both ribbon and wafer formats.

Enables Time and Cost Savings for Manufacturers

This is the first time thin and flexible ceramic substrates are available in R2R format in lengths greater than a few meters. This enables device processing in R2R format, leading to increased manufacturing productivity with less energy usage, and a better-quality product.

Produces Ceramic Materials with Excellent Properties and Benefits

  • High purity, low surface roughness, fine grain
  • Thin, flexible, with thermal shock resistance
  • Alumina Ribbon Ceramic has high heat dissipation and low dielectric loss tangent
  • Available in multiple sizes with smooth surfaces, clean edges, and small vias


Ribbon Ceramics can enable smarter, faster, smaller next-gen devices including automotive electronics, RF antennas, power electronics, sensors, Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC), and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). Ribbon Ceramics is right for your product - whether used as an advanced substrate, within a leading-edge package, or for specialty devices.


Alumina Ribbon Ceramic: Narrow Ribbon Demonstration

Alumina Ribbon Ceramic: Narrow Ribbon Demonstration

Ceramics in an entirely new form factor – thin, narrow, flexible strands of high purity Alumina Ribbon Ceramic.

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Alumina Ribbon Ceramic: Thermal Tolerance Demonstration

Alumina Ribbon Ceramic: Thermal Tolerance Demonstration

Witness the high heat dissipation and high thermal shock tolerance of Corning’s Alumina Ribbon Ceramic material.

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