EDGE Rapid Connect

Enabling Fast, Easy Data Center Interconnections

Enabling Fast, Easy Data Center Interconnections

Are you ready to install trunk cables between data centers up to 70% faster? Then get ready for Corning EDGE Rapid Connect, the latest innovation to our award winning data center solutions.

Designed to facilitate data center interconnect (DCI) deployments and connections between data halls, EDGE Rapid Connect utilizes trunk cables with the all new Fast-Track MTP® Connector. Developed by Corning and US Conec, the Fast-Track MTP’s small profile enables preterminated trunks with a reduced diameter pulling grip that can be pulled through crowded conduits.

In the outside plant environment, until now it’s been difficult to use preterminated trunks because the pulling grips are too large to allow enough fiber to be pulled through existing conduit. But with a smaller 2-inch diameter pulling grip, EDGE Rapid Connect enables more preterminated fiber to be pulled through a single conduit, giving data center operators a new path to extreme density. Pull over 10,000 connectorized fibers through a 4-inch conduit, and complete the project faster than ever?  Yes, now you can.

EDGE Rapid Connect, one step on Corning’s journey towards a Data Center in a Day.

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Install Faster, Reduce Costs, and Maximize ROI

Install Faster, Reduce Costs, and Maximize ROI

As a pre-terminated solution with a small pulling grip, EDGE Rapid Connect helps data center operators achieve greater value in three areas:

Speed to Revenue: By completely eliminating splicing, for a typical four trunk deployment, reduce project time from six weeks down to two weeks, allowing the data center to be used – and generate revenue – faster.

Reduced Pathway Costs: Pull three 3,456-fiber trunk cables through a 4-inch conduit, reducing the amount of conduit that needs to be placed in the ground, increasing the ROI on pathway investment.

Minimized Risk: Splicing fiber is complex. Can you hire enough staff to complete the project on time? Reduce the risk of not having enough splice techs, and the risk of working with sharp tools to prep fiber for splicing.

Why Fast-Track MTP Connector Trunks? 

To deploy a lot of fiber between data centers quickly, you need to check all the boxes!

Product Overview

Product Overview

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