Multitenant Data Center

Flexible, Modular, and Rapid Deployment Solutions

Multitenant data centers (MTDC), also known as colocations, have various requirements for servicing their end users. With an increased demand put upon data centers caused by the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its associated technology requirements, many infrastructures need upgrading to keep up.

The cost and resources involved in building a data center – as well as storing and managing the data – are immense. Additionally, keeping a data center fully optimized while eliminating latency, reducing downtime, and maintaining compliance with ever-evolving standards is quite challenging. 

At Corning, we understand the challenges associated with outsourced facilities, whether you're an MTDC/cloud provider or an enterprise client. We have developed an extensive range of solutions for data center interconnect (DCI)meet-me-room, main distribution area (MDA), and cage or hall environments. You can count on our solutions for maximum flexibility, improved lead times, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

Multitenant Data Centers Core Product Overview

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Thought Leadership

Providing a Future-Ready Network

While addressing organizational issues

Interconnection and Data Center Company: Rocky Mountains, United States

Read this case study to see how a major mutlitenant data center implemented an integrated, modular design that allowed for growth and expansion of the network one frame, module, or fiber termination at a time

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Multitenant Data Centers

Key to Managing Data Without Breaking the Bank

Multitenant Data Centers are Key to Managing Data Without Breaking the Bank

With an increased demand on data centers caused by the massive expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its associated technology requirements, many infrastructures need upgrading in order to keep up. A facility that’s future-ready will offer scalability, flexibility, modularity, and stringent service-level agreements.

Find out how to manage your multitenant data center infrastructure in this article that first appeared on April 2018.

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Delivering Network Upgrades

Without Downtime

Tier-1 MTDC in Western United States

Learn how a global MTDC deployed an infrastructure that met their needs on day one, while being flexible enough to adapt to the changes that will inevitably come in the future.

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Multitenant Data Center Solutions

Multitenant Data Center Solutions

Corning offers precise service, quality, and value expected in every solution. We provide a wide variety of products, from the outside plant cable to the end user caged area, enabling:

  • Rapid deployment for low- to high-density applications
  • Quick and flexible product solutions that enable competitive SLAs
  • Highly scalable platform for simple migration to higher-speed technologies
  • Readily available products stocked at a variety of distributors

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