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Supporting migration with fiber-deep applications

Supporting migration with fiber-deep applications

Multiple System Operators (MSOs) networks are evolving, with fiber driving deeper into the network as operators move to a passive HFC network and utilize full fiber to the home deployment in greenfield builds. Corning is ready to help you seize the opportunity in the next evolution of your network, wherever you are on the road to 10G.

Our deep understanding of fiber and HFC networks, and the steps necessary to evolve HFC or transition to full FTTH, enables our customers to best plan the future migration of their network. Our understanding of the path to 10G is based on our years of experience helping MSOs evolve their networks. Whether you want to drive fiber towards a Node+0 or flip a switch on fiber to the home, Corning can deliver. 

We’re constantly working to help MSOs increase the velocity and speed of deployments, as well as enable the full capabilities of their networks, while also reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers. This in turn increases MSOs ability to monetize their network across all platforms, including Inside Plant (ISP) and the coming wave of 5G and 10G.  MSOs are faced with tough challenges on how to evolve their networks, and together we create solutions that help MSOs become ready for the demand of today while building for the future of tomorrow.

In a world of radically evolving technology...

Cable TV Network Planning Considerations

In a world of radically evolving technology, meeting both end-user demands and your business goals can be challenging. While every situation is unique, taking these considerations into account while you’re planning can help you confidently and cost-effectively build or evolve your existing network for the future. Browse the seven most critical considerations when it comes to your network design.

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The drive for bandwidth is high, don’t get left behind.

WDM 101

As consumers purchase more and more devices (cell phones, televisions, laptops, etc.) communication networks supporting these devices need to evolve to supply enough bandwidth to meet increasing demand. One of the leading technologies allowing network operators to increase network density while leveraging current infrastructure is wavelength-division multiplexers (WDM).

In this webinar, we’ll discuss what WDMs are and why they are critical for the success of next generation bandwidth needs. We’ll tackle some of the questions on how they work, the physical components needed to be successful, and best usages in the telecommunications industry.

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What do we bring to your HFC network?

What do we bring to your HFC network?

Close Customer Collaboration

Throughout our 160-year history, Corning has worked with customers to solve the problems that matter to them. From the glass for Thomas Edison’s light bulb to the development of bend-insensitive fiber that brought optical fiber closer to consumers, we’ve developed solutions to fit our customers’ needs. We’re ready to work with you to customize the right mix of products to evolve your network.

Reliability from the Headend to the Node.

Product performance and reliability are critical when designing and deploying your fiber-deep network. You need a trusted supplier with a proven track record of addressing customer concerns. We offer unmatched product breadth, providing all the passive optical products—including best-in-class RF connectors—from the headend to the last optical node.

Unmatched Support Before, During, and After Install.

To fully realize success in your fiber-deep deployment, you need support before, during, and after your installation. We offer this, with a worldwide network of trained engineers, field-tested installation recommendations and processes, and a global customer base with thriving fiber-deep networks.

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