Corning Core Products Lists Request

Corning Core Products List Request

Corning Core Products List Request

Corning products are available, compatible, and easy to specify, purchase, and install. Creating innovative solutions, products, and resources that fit together and extend our customers' expertise in fiber optics … It’s what we do best.

Our core lists provide a one-stop shop for the names and part numbers of our most popular products. The Enterprise list showcases local area network (LAN) and data center solutions, while our Carrier list focuses on core cable as well as both inside and outside plant solutions. These are the products our customers use most on a daily basis, but more importantly, these are the products that get the job done.

The lists also include information on our newest products and a list of valuable resources that can save you time and money. Digital versions of our core products guides are available for download. To have the printed list sent to you, please submit your contact information via the form below. View Corning's Privacy Policy.

Requests from the U.S. and Canada will be fulfilled. Requests outside of these countries cannot be processed. Thank you!

Thank you for requesting a Corning Core Product List. Your order will be shipped to you within 7 business days. 

Note: All requests for addresses in the United States, Mexico and Canada will be filled. If you entered an address outside of the United States, Mexico or Canada, your request will not be filled. The Corning Core Product Lists can only be mailed to the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

You may also be interested in registering to download our Bill-of-Materials Tool.This resource is a fast and easy way to select the fiber optic products you need for local area networks. 

With Corning's BOM Tool, you can select, modify and save all on your own computer! You can even email your final Bill of Materials to your preferred distributor for a quote or to a colleague for reference.