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Advance pre-clinical drug discovery goals with the support of Corning Gentest Contract Research Services and put your organization on a rapid path to sound decision-making.

Take your ADME/Tox testing to completion.

Founded in 1992, we stand ready to become an extension of your ADME teamor your virtual ADME partnerto help strengthen your ability to meet your drug discovery and pre-clinical goals.

  • Full range of ADME/Tox services: To support your comprehensive ADME/Tox testing requirements, we offer the following services. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can provide customized assays to meet your particular in vitro ADME needs.
    • Enzyme induction and inhibition, including cytochrome P450 (CYP) induction services using both cryopreserved and fresh human hepatocytes; cytochrome P450 inhibition services with high quality data analysis; and UGT inhibition studies
    • Permeability and transport, including screening and step-wise approach to drug-drug interaction assays using Solute Carrier (SLC) over-expressing Corning TransportoCells™; ABC transporter services to support your efflux transporter assay needs; and permeability studies
    • Reaction phenotyping studies to help identify enzyme-mediated pathways of elimina­tion for a compound
    • Rapid in vitro metabolic stability testing using several different enzyme sources
    • Rapid in vitro plasma protein binding testing, offering both ultrafiltration and equilibrium dialysis methods to determine % drug bound to plasma proteins
  • Experience: For more than 20 years, the Corning Gentest Contract Research team has been developing and conducting in vitro drug-drug interaction studies to support hundreds of pharmaceutical discovery and development programs.
  • Skilled Study Directors: Our scientists are experts in the areas of drug absorption, transporters, metabolism, induction, toxicity, and industry/regulatory guidance. We'll work with you to facilitate informed decisions.
  • Alignment with Regulatory Guidance: Study designs are continually updated to be aligned with current Regulatory Agency guidance. So you can be assured you’ll have the right data for submission to the FDA/EMA.
  • Quality Data: You can depend on our team for accurate, reproducible data and regulatory submission-ready reports.
  • Custom assay services: Corning has expertise in adapt­ing clients’ protocols to facilitate comparison with in-house databases of results. Customizations can include the choice of extracel­lular matrix, treatment media, positive control-inducing chemical/concentration, and delivery solvent, as well as many other client-specified adaptations.


ADME Services

Corning Gentest Contract Research Services

What’s New

Featured Products, Resources, and More

Featured Products, Resources, and More

“Inside-Out” Membrane Vesicles: an In Vitro Model to Study Transporter-mediated Drug Interactions that can Lead to Liver Toxicity

This poster highlights data from an in vitro study, indicating that “inside-out” membrane vesicles are a quick and useful tool to screen MRP2, BSEP, and BCRP inhibitors that can potentially cause liver toxicity or DDI in vivo.

Learn More

Development of a Novel Transporter “Thaw and Go” Model to Study Regulatory Authority Recommended SLC Transporters

This poster showcases the development and validation of a new transporter “Thaw and Go” model for studying uptake clearance and drug-drug interaction with SLC transporters. The complete portfolio includes all of the regulatory authority (USFDA, EMA) and industry recommended SLC transporters.

Learn More

Characterization of a Novel Transporter Model for Studying Drug Interactions with Organic Anion-Transporting Polypeptide (OATP)

As shown in the previous poster, Corning developed a novel “Thaw and Go” model to help the pharmaceutical industry address regulatory recommendations in a fast and easy manner. This poster focuses on validating the model for evaluating drug interaction with OATP1B1 and OATP1B3.

Learn More

Development and Characterization of a Novel Cell-based Model to Study MATE1- and MATE2-K-mediated Drug Uptake and Interactions

The study demonstrates that Corning's “Thaw and Go” cell-based transporter model is a compliant and useful in vitro tool to screen MATE1 and MATE2-K involved in drug interaction and/or drug induced renal toxicity in the early stages of drug development.

Learn More


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