Beginning-to-end Solutions

Beginning-to-end Solutions

Beginning-to-end Solutions

Beginning-to-end-solutions from Corning

At Corning, we continuously strive towards improving efficiencies and developing new products and technologies to support researchers in their life science workflows.

Our technical expertise, plus a 160-year legacy of Corning innovation and manufacturing excellence, puts us in a unique position to be able to offer beginning-to-end portfolios of high quality, reliable life sciences consumables, including many of the industry’s most trusted brands.

Cell Culture: At Corning, cells are in our culture.

In our continuous efforts to improve workflow efficiencies and develop new tools and technologies for life science researchers, we have scientists working in Corning R&D labs across the globe, doing what you do every day.

From seeding starter cultures to expanding cells for assays, our technical experts understand your challenges and your ever increasing need for a more efficient cell culture workflow.

Bioprocess: Innovation and manufacturing excellence

Corning single-use adhesion and suspension cell culture products enable scale-up for bioproduction and cell therapy. From cell line development and process development to GMP manufacturing, our vessels provide the necessary platform to accomplish your goals. Supporting products such as closed system solutions, media, and advanced surfaces round out the product offering, providing a complete solution.

Genomics: Simplified, efficient, low- to high-throughput genomics processes

From collection to analysis, our technical experts understand your need for simplified, efficient, low to high throughput genomics processes.

A combination of global manufacturing expertise, extensive use of in-house automation, an unsurpassed commitment to product innovation, and a thorough understanding of your processes enables Corning to offer a beginning-to-end portfolio of high-quality, reliable consumables and reagents for genomics applications.

Drug Discovery: Helping you solve your everyday drug discovery challenges

At Corning, we continuously strive towards improving efficiencies and developing new products and technologies for life science researchers. From assay preparation to storage, our technical experts understand your challenges and your increased need for high-quality products.

Glassware Solutions for Chemistry

Corning has been a valued supplier to chemists for nearly a century since the introduction of PYREX® low expansion borosilicate glass that is the quality standard for labware because of its optical clarity, strength, heat, and chemical resistance. 

Microbiology: Premium quality and performance

From sampling and preparation to bacteria growth and analysis, our technical experts understand your challenges and the changing regulatory requirements that shape your day-to-day processes.

It is this expertise, plus a 160 year legacy of Corning innovation and manufacturing excellence, that puts us in a unique position to be able to offer high quality, reliable microbiology consumables, for quality testing labs. The recent introduction of our Gosselin™ brand line of consumables including Petri dishes, dippers, and inoculating loops, has completed our portfolio, creating a beginning-to-end solution for quality testing labs across industry segments.