Enable the study of specific mechanisms that dictate cell differentiation and functionality with Corning Laminin surfaces

Use Corning Laminin surfaces as a thin coating on tissue culture surfaces or as a soluble additive to culture medium to promote cell adhesion, migration, chemotaxis, growth, and differentiation. Laminin/Entactin Complex High Concentration (HC) is a special formulation that Corning has developed to enhance three-dimensional (3D) cell culture applications. Culturing cells in or on gels such as Laminin/Entactin Complex enable the study of specific mechanisms that dictate cell differentiation and functionality.

Applications include:


  • Promotion of neurite outgrowth
  • Reduction of fibroblast migration in neuronal cell cultures
  • Neural crest cell attachment
  • Gene expression in rat cortical neurons
  • Maintenance of undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells


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Protocol: Laminin Coating on Transwell® Support

Protocol: Laminin Coating on Transwell® Support

Refer to this simple protocol designed to produce a thin Laminin coating on Transwell inserts.

Protocol for Laminin Coating on Corning Transwell Permeable Support Inserts

Different cell lines require different laminin coating densities to achieve desired results. Refer to this protocol as a guide to get you started.


Corning Surface Selection Guide

Corning Surface Selection Guide

Cell-specific surface selection made easy.

The Right Surface for Every Cell

Healthy cell growth relies on positive interactions between molecules and their microenvironment. Use this guide to choose the best surface for your specific application and cell type.


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