Reduce toxicity and increase cell transduction in difficult-to-transduce cell types with Corning Fibronectin surface

Improve cell attachment by using cell culture surfaces coated with Corning human fibronectin (HFN) surface. HFN is produced by a wide variety of mesenchymal and epithelial cells, and is present in both the ECM and plasma. Cell adhesion to fibronectin is mediated by the central cell-binding domain of FN through RGD (Arg-Gly-Asp) amino acid sequence. The principal functions of fibronectin appear to be in cellular migration during wound healing and development, regulation of cell growth and differentiation, and haemostasis/thrombosis.

The Corning Fibronectin mimetic surface is a pre-coated, synthetic, xeno-free, animal-free, and room temperature stable surface that mimics the natural cell environment. Fibronectin surface consists of the RGD amino acid sequence from the Fibronectin cell binding domain that facilitates cell attachment. It is coated on the surface in a manner that presents a functionally active orientation to the cells. For difficult-to-transduce and fastidious cell types, look to Corning Fibronectin surface to improve cell culture success.


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Protocol: Fibronectin coated Transwell® Supports

Protocol: Fibronectin coated Transwell® Supports

Produce a thin Fibronectin coating on Transwell permeable support inserts for enhanced cell attachmt

Protocol for Fibronectin Coating on Corning Transwell Permeable Support Inserts

Different cell lines require different fibronectin coating densities to achieve desired results. Refer to this protocol as a guide to get you started.


Corning 384 Well Clear Fibronectin Microplate

Corning 384 Well Clear Fibronectin Microplate

Fibronectin-coated microplates are ideal for promoting cell attachment of a variety of cell types

Increase cell culture success with Corning 384-well Clear Fibronectin-coated microplates.

Learn more about the features and benefits of culturing cells on Corning 384-well clear Fibronectin-coated microplates.


Corning Surface Selection Guide

Corning Surface Selection Guide

Cell-specific surface selection made easy.

The Right Surface for Every Cell

Healthy cell growth relies on positive interactions between molecules and their microenvironment. Use this guide to choose the best surface for your specific application and cell type.


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