Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP Filter Selected by Volkswagen Group for New MQB Platform

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Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP Filter Selected by Volkswagen Group for New MQB Platform

Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP Filter Selected by Volksw

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Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP Filter Selected by Volkswagen Group for New MQB Platform
Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP Filter Selected by Volkswagen Group for New MQB Platform
CORNING, N.Y. | Corning Incorporated | May 07, 2012
Next-generation diesel filter allows for better fuel economy, lower carbon dioxide emissions, and higher engine performance

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) announced today that Volkswagen Group is equipping select MQB models with the new Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP 300/10 filter, the latest advancement in Corning’s DuraTrap® AT family of diesel filter products.

Designed to capture diesel engine soot particles while minimizing restrictions to exhaust flow, the DuraTrap AT LP 300/10 filter features thinner cell walls and an optimized material microstructure to enable better engine performance and fuel consumption. Corning began shipping the product to Volkswagen earlier this year from its manufacturing facility in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

The Modularer Querbaukasten (MQB) platform (German for Modular Transverse Matrix) allows Volkswagen to design a variety of transverse, front-engine, front-wheel drive models using the same set of components. Vehicles built on this architecture will offer a significant reduction in weight and emissions. Corning’s DuraTrap AT LP 300/10 filter will be used in select 1.6-liter diesel engine passenger car models, which will be introduced later this year.

“We are pleased to supply Volkswagen with next-generation emissions-control solutions as they move to an innovative concept in automotive design,” said Mark A. Beck, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Environmental Technologies. “This application reinforces our commitment to build on Corning’s proven DuraTrap AT filter technology to help vehicle manufacturers reach higher performance goals.”

“DuraTrap AT filters have been installed on more than five million vehicles worldwide to help meet stringent particulate emissions regulations,” said Klaus Wellstein, general manager, Germany and South Africa, Corning Environmental Technologies. “We launched our first DuraTrap AT filter with Volkswagen seven years ago. Today, we offer a suite of solutions engineered for the next round of regulations that will advance clean-diesel design.”

Corning diesel particulate filters are used in emission control systems to remove particulate matter (soot) from vehicle exhaust. The DuraTrap AT LP 300/10 filter is designed to provide durable filter performance as it repeatedly burns high amounts of collected soot. The filter helps vehicle and engine manufacturers improve the fuel efficiency and performance of diesel engines while meeting particulate mass and particulate number emissions limits. The DuraTrap AT LP filter is also offered in a 300/13 geometry for even higher soot mass requirements. Due to its higher thermal mass, this filter requires fewer regeneration events, thereby improving fuel efficiency.

Corning DuraTrap AT filters use an advanced aluminum titanate composition in a monolithic construction to deliver enhanced durability, high-filtration efficiency, and excellent pressure drop within exhaust after-treatment systems. They are available for
light-, medium-, and heavy-duty diesel applications.

Corning is a leading supplier of advanced cellular ceramic substrates and diesel particulate filters for the world's major manufacturers of gasoline and diesel engines. The company invented an economical, high-performance, cellular ceramic substrate in the early 1970s that is now the standard for catalytic converters worldwide. In 1978, Corning developed the cellular ceramic particulate filter to remove soot from diesel emissions. Corning continues to leverage its expertise in materials, processes, and manufacturing to develop advanced ceramic substrates and diesel particulate filters that help meet demanding mobile emissions requirements.

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