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Community Involvement

Community Involvement: Gives Back

Community Involvement: Gives Back

Employees Restart Blood Drives at Swiss Complex

Employees Restart Blood Drives at Swiss Complex

October 2014

Blood drives will be planned several times a year now at Corning’s office near Lucerne, Switzerland, thanks to the efforts of longtime donor and new employee Benoit Viard. A recent blood drive organized by Benoit — a first in many years at the office complex that houses more than a dozen Corning employees and thousands of other workers — drew 95 donors over two days, earning a big thumbs-up from the Swiss Red Cross.

Benoit and fellow employee Matthias Syndikus donated blood during the drive at the site Corning. Benoit, who has been donating three or four times a year for the last 15 years, didn’t become a regular donor because of any medical crisis in his life.

“I learned that donating is an absolute necessity because hospitals need blood and plasma, and there are fewer donors and more restrictions on who can donate. I see donating blood as a responsibility,” he said.

But Matthias, who donates about twice a year, has seen family members and friends benefit from donated blood. He said, “A blood transfusion can breathe new life into patients and speed up their recovery.”

The Corning blood drives come at a good time because Switzerland has a blood shortage, Matthias said. “Benoit and I donate gladly and make it a priority, and we think more co-workers will follow our lead and become regular donors.”