Incredibly Tough: Road of Bones | Kyle Johnson with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge | Corning Gorilla Glass

Traveling by motorcycle across 1,260 miles of rugged, thankless terrain, limits were pushed, risks were taken, and courage prevailed. Along for the challenging journey was the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, featuring tough Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

In Russia's Far East, a single road links the remote cities of Magadan and Yakutsk. It is the Kolyma Highway, otherwise known as the Road of Bones. In the summer of 2016, adventure traveler Kyle Johnson (Gu Yue) and cameraman Yang Fan set out from Beijing, China on two motorcycles with the goal of being the first set of Chinese riders to complete the Road of Bones.

It’s hard to call the Road of Bones a highway by any standards. It’s a single, unpaved track riddled with washouts, collapsed bridges, and long, seemingly impassable, stretches of mud soup. And there’s no safety net. This extremely remote track through eastern Russia is lawless, ruthless and full of unknown challenges at every turn.

As renowned and respected adventure traveler and travel television host/producer in China, Kyle has produced more than 80 episodes of travel television shows for Travel Channel China and CCTV Documentary Channel. Additionally, he has published two best-selling books about his adventures and regularly contributes stories and photos to Outside, Men’s Health, FHM, New York Times Chinese edition. On this trip, he took a video crew to capture the long journey.



Road Warrior — The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with Corning Gorilla Glass 4

When Corning Inorporated launched Gorilla® Glass 4, the next-generation cover glass had been rigorously lab tested — withstanding drops onto rough surfaces up to two times better than competitive glass designs. Not surprisingly, Samsung didn’t hesitate to feature this cover glass on the Quad HD Super AMOLED 5.5-inch curved display of the Galaxy S7 edge. In fact, the slim, dual-edge design of the Galaxy S7 edge has Gorilla Glass 4 on both sides of the device. And when you combine this toughness with the water-resistance of the Galaxy S7 edge, you’ve got a smartphone that’s built for the long road. Add to that a long-life 3600 mAh battery and a 12MP rear camera, and it’s easy to understand why this was the smartphone Kyle relied on for his trek through the mud, streams and rugged terrain on the Road of Bones. Whether using it as a navigation tool, or taking advantage of its groundbreaking Dual Pixel camera technology, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge was uniquely suited to survive and serve on this grueling and glorious adventure.