Incredibly Tough: Dabbawala | Micromax Vdeo3 | Corning Gorilla Glass

Dressed in traditional white, with a Gandhi Topi, carrying his Micromax Vdeo3 featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Shankar embraces the toughness, passion and precision it takes to be a Dabbawala.

There is no denying the value of a fresh, home-cooked meal. However, in Mumbai, India, it is treasured. So much so, that for the past 125 years Dabbawalas have been delivering fresh lunches direct from the homes of workers straight to their workplace. And then picking up the tiffins (lunch tins) and delivering them back home again. It sounds complicated, because it is. Today in Mumbai, 5,000 Dabbawalas are picking up, delivering and subsequently returning more than 200,000 of these home-cooked meals each working day. TWO-HUNDRED-THOUSAND!!

What’s most impressive is their accuracy. Forbes Magazine awarded its Six Sigma certification in 2001 to the Dabbawalas based on a 99.999999 percent delivery accuracy rate. And it’s all done with no logistics technology. Instead the Dabbawalas (ones who carry boxes) rely on supreme teamwork through a series of collection zones, sorting points, and delivery zones. Using numbers and colors to mark the dabbas (lunch boxes), hot lunches make their way to the right people, right on time, and back home again. Traveling on foot, bicycle and public transportation, it’s a tough road for Dabbawalas, But it is also a very proud and honored tradition.



Street Tough — The Micromax Vdeo3

As a Dabbawala, Shankar certainly has an extraordinarily unique job. But just like the rest of us, he stays connected, informed and entertained through a smartphone. And from morning through night, across all the miles he travels every day, Shankar puts his trust in the Micromax Vdeo3. Featuring damage-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass on its 5-inch (12.7cm) 720 x 1,280 display, the sleek, brushed-metal Micromax Vdeo3 is better prepared to handle the tough streets of Mumbai. The potential for bumps, scrapes and scratches are around every corner. And Shankar knows that a damaged, scratched or shattered screen would be a costly event. On his train ride home, Shankar especially appreciates the blazing-fast 4G VoLTE connectivity of his Micromax Vdeo3. This is his time to unwind and stream his favorite movies and videos. Pre-installed with the Google Duo app, the Micromax Vdeo runs Android 6.0, has a 5MP rear camera and packs 8GB of internal storage. This is one incredibly tough device.