A Superior Solution For Lyophilized Drug Products

A Superior Solution For Low Temperature Processing

A Superior Solution For Low Temperature Processing

The process of freeze-thaw, cryogenic preservation and lyophilization of pharmaceutical products requires a robust container that withstands extreme temperatures and resists damage and breakage. Glass vial failures due to damage and breakage are a source of product loss and result in higher process costs, delays due to destruction of product, and possible drug shortages.

Compared to conventional borosilicate vials during the lyophilization process, Valor vials significantly reduce damage and breakage and may lower manufacturing cost. The chemical strengthening process for Valor vials imparts compressive stress on the glass surface that typically exceeds the tensile stresses generated in the freeze-thaw process, dramatically reducing the potential for breakage.1 In addition to protecting the vial surface, Valor Glass’ low coefficient of friction coating demonstrates faster chamber fill during the lyophilization process and improved manufacturing efficiency with higher run and uptime rates.2

The advanced parenteral glass packaging technology of Valor Glass enables the potential for reduced start-to-finish times and improves yields which may reduce total cost of quality as well as manufacturing cost.

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