Corning to Showcase Industry Leadership at 2018 Optical Networking and Communication Conference

Corning to Showcase Industry Leadership at OFC

April 2018

Corning’s leadership in the Optical Communications industry takes many forms – innovative products, award-winning solutions, and a unique co-innovation approach with other leaders in the field. All are in the spotlight at the 2018 Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC) in San Diego, California.

At OFC, the largest global conference for Optical Communications professionals, we’re showcasing innovations designed to help operators stay ahead of bandwidth needs by accelerating network deployment and enhancing network performance. And our innovations aren’t just exhibits: The San Diego Convention Center, site of the conference, recently upgraded cellular service and capacity using the Corning® ONE™ Wireless Platform.

These solutions show how we’re continuing to invest in the co-innovation of new products and technologies with our customers to ensure we deliver improved network performance and faster network deployment, while reducing total cost of ownership. With bandwidth demands growing dramatically, we’re investing in tomorrow’s networks today -- helping our customers stay ahead.

Here are some of the innovations we’re showcasing at the conference:

  • TXF™ optical fiber, which enables high data-rate transmission over longer spans and extended reach for improved network flexibility and lower network cost.
  • RocketRibbon™ extreme-density cable, which enables up to 30 percent faster installation than other high density ribbon cables. With up to 3,456 fibers per cable, it allows operators to quickly install more capacity in the same duct space to accommodate increased bandwidth demand.
  • The FlexNAP™ multiuse system, which provides the most cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in distribution networks, with speeds up to five times faster than traditional field installations.
  • EDGE8™, the industry’s first tip-to-tip, preterminated optical cabling systems designed to allow simple migration to a future-ready base-8 design.
  • Corning’s newest solutions for original equipment manufacturers, including a 12-channel fiber array unit with a 90-degree light turn that fits within small spaces and offers high reliability, small banding loss, and precise assembly length.


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