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Harrodsburg, Ky.

A Spotlight on Manufacturing

A Spotlight on Manufacturing

Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlights

Celebrating Employees - Past and Present

Join us in recognizing a few of the employees who have contributed to Harrodsburg's 65 years of success.

Amy S. Porter

"Corning’s focus on people, processes and technology has led to many life changing inventions and products.  It is exciting to be a part of glass manufacturing and development at Harrodsburg, where our processes evolve and advance to support the latest innovation requirements.  Working for Corning has been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to what the future holds."

Vaughn M. Hall, Jr.

“My time at Harrodsburg, from an engineer to the plant manager, was a remarkable and enjoyable experience.  Harrodsburg is “my home,” where I started my career with Corning, and where I advanced and grew as a leader.” 

Patrick Carrothers

"I am grateful for the time I spent on the Harrodsburg team. It’s a special place for many reasons. The products developed and manufactured in Harrodsburg are used on billions of high tech devices all around the world."

John C. Cochran

"The Harrodsburg plant embodies Corning’s seven core Values and I am proud to have learned from that example.  I will always carry my experiences in Harrodsburg with me and look forward to a future of continued innovation."

Joel David Earl Vice

"Being from Kentucky, I am grateful to work in a facility that not only holds itself to high manufacturing standards, but also gives so much back to the community.  I am proud to be from Kentucky, and proud to work on the Harrodsburg team."