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Corning at SAE: Feature Story

Corning at SAE: Feature Story

Corning Drives Auto Trends at SAE World Congress

Corning Drives Auto Trends at SAE World Congress

CET expert awarded, Gorilla Glass for Auto delivers joint paper with Ford

Recently, Corning Environmental Technologies and Automotive Glass Solutions showcased products and lead a variety of technical presentations and conferences at SAE World Congress and Exhibition. Held in Detroit, SAE 2016 gathered the automotive industry together to collaborate and address current challenges and discuss new innovations. 

Corning attendees presented research papers and showcased next-generation substrates and filters for emissions control along with durable, lightweight Corning® Gorilla® Glass for automotive glazing.

Among the events and five presentations employees delivered at the conference, Corning’s Timothy Johnson was awarded the Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award by SAE. This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding presentation skills.

“Tim has been a great advocate for our industry and a great communicator. This is the fourth time Tim has won this award, which is no easy feat,” said Dr. Willard Cutler, commercial technology director, Environmental Technologies.

In order to win this award, Tim received the “Best Oral Presentation” vote in two different SAE conference symposia.

“We are extremely proud of Tim and this award demonstrates how he continues to be an engaging speaker and a leading subject matter expert in emissions-control technologies.” 

Another key event for Corning during SAE 2016 was a joint-research presentation with the Ford Motor Company on lightweight glass for car windshields. 

“Our research demonstrates that thin windshield constructions (equal to or less than 4 millimeters thick) made with conventional glass are more vulnerable to stone impact damage than laminates that include a layer of Gorilla Glass” said presenter Thomas Cleary, manager of reliability sciences at Corning.

“The windshields with Gorilla Glass are a more damage-resistant and lighter solution.”

Attendees to the presentation were excited by the possibilities of Gorilla Glass for Automotive and its application in the new Ford GT super car announced late last year. 

“Industry experts, leading OEMs, and conference attendees were engaged and eager to learn more about the performance of Gorilla Glass laminate constructions and the results of our stimulated lab tests,”  said Cleary.

The SAE World Conference was held April 12-14 at the Cobo Center and was attended by members of SAE International, a global association with more than 138,000 engineers and technical experts in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial-vehicle industries.

“The SAE professional association, combined with being in Detroit, the home of several key auto manufacturers, allows Corning to connect and share our technologies with influential customers and innovative thought-leaders in the industry,” said Tom Lynch, division vice president and commercial director, Environmental Technologies.