Corning provides leading glass-based solutions for cutting-edge augmented/mixed (AR/MR) reality devices. We apply decades of glass science and optical physics expertise to enable sleeker headset designs and optimized image quality. This helps our customers deliver immersive AR/MR experiences for industrial and consumer applications.

Corning was first to market with ultra-flat, high refractive index glass wafers for leading AR/MR device makers pursuing waveguide-based designs. Besides high-quality glass, we also offer customers world-leading flatness measurement systems from Corning Tropel® Metrology Instruments and automated laser-glass cutting systems from Corning Laser Technologies. Combined, our Augmented Reality Solutions help meet customers’ most challenging requirements – from research & development phase to mass production.

Let us work with you to help bring your augmented/mixed reality design ideas to life. Learn more about our capabilities below.




Augmented Reality Solutions Product Information