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Corning offers a series of high-precision, high-performance mini connectors used in aerospace and defense, telecom, test and measurement and wireless applications.

Microwave Solutions

Meeting Your Demanding Requirements

Unparalleled Quality

Your Network Benefits from Our Commitment

Total Quality for Your Microwave Network

Corning has set the standard for quality in its manufacturing processes and customer relationships, and that dedication to quality is apparent in our microwave product line. What does that mean to you? Our microwave customers can be assured that every aspect of their interaction, from initial contact to final product manufacturing, is treated with the same commitment to quality that has set us apart in the industry for years.

High Precision

Build a Network for the Future

High-precision products build a network for the future

In the demanding applications where our microwave products are used, precision is paramount. A thousandth of an inch can mean the difference in the longevity and reliability of your network. Our microwave products feature tight tolerances of up to .003 inches, so you are able to design our products into a network that will last for years to come.

Superior Performance

Ultimate Performance for Every Application

High performance for every network application

Our coaxial push-on interconnects offer superior performance for frequencies from DC up to 65 gigahertz. Whatever your application, be it defense, test and measurement, or wireless, our connector product families provide the performance you need in a small, user-friendly package.

Product Customization

Unique Designs for Unique Applications

Providing custom designs for your network.

Microwave applications are often unique, and we understand that our customers may have a unique application that requires a special design. We support custom designs with a dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and machinists ready to define your requirements and customize a unique design. Let us share our design and manufacturing expertise to make your deployment a success.

GPPO® Interconnect Series

GPPO® Interconnect Series

The GPPO® interconnect series is a microwave interconnect system ideal for applications where vibration resistance, compact design, and high performance are essential. With frequencies ranging from DC to 65 GHz, the GPPO series is considerably smaller than many other interconnect designs. The interconnects feature a center-to-center spacing of 0.140 inch for increased package density and weigh just 0.09 grams.

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