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Corning® Film Types for Single-use Containers

Corning single-use containers are fabricated using single or multilayer films selected for specific bioprocess applications. The films are made using an animal-free, cGMP, ISO 13485 manufacturing process to provide superior strength, biocompatibility, and chemical compatibility.


Our film for single-use containers undergo a range of bio­compatibility tests to ensure there are no adverse effects on any biological material including USP <88> Class VI for in vivo reaction to the material, USP <87> for in vitro reactions (toxicity), USP <661> for extract­ables, and USP <85> for bacterial endotoxins.

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High Quality Barrier Films from Corning

Film Types

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Film

Ultra-low Density Polyethylene (ULDPE)/Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) Film

Ultra-low Density Polyethylene (ULDPE) Film

Metallocene Film

Polyolefin (PO) Film

Tank Liner Film