Fusion Draw Process | Display Legacy | Corning

Corning’s proprietary fusion draw process has revolutionized consumer electronics and business communications, creating glass with all the extraordinary properties needed for devices in our highly connected world.

Since the manufacturing process is highly adaptable to many types of advanced glass compositions, it is likely remain a crucial part of innovations far into the future.

Here's why.

Since the beginning of the consumer electronics boom, glass components have needed to be exceptionally thin, pure, stable, and flat. Corning’s fusion manufacturing platform – invented in the 1960s and continuously developed ever since – has delivered glass that fits these requirements and enabled the attributes consumers demanded for high-resolution, touch-enabled tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

As display technologies become even more demanding, new applications will depend even more heavily on the glass properties enabled by Corning’s fusion draw process. Electronics manufacturers using advanced glass will continue to expect:

Glass Stability

Glass Thinness

Glass Purity

Glass Flatness

Glass Versatility

The History of Glass...Continued