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Our glass innovations power the devices that make lives easier,
more entertaining, and more rewarding in our mobile,
touch-enabled, and -connected world

Bringing a World of Brilliant Images to Life

Bringing a World of Brilliant Images to Life

Wherever people turn for news, entertainment, or simply to connect with each other, the odds are likely that Corning glass is there.

From the moment portable laptops replaced cumbersome desktop computers, we led the industry with the lightweight liquid crystal display glass that enabled the mobile revolution. As that momentum gave birth to smartphones and tablets with touchscreens, we created the tough, beautiful Corning® Gorilla® Glass, now on more than 4.5 billion devices worldwide.

We continue to make glass thinner, and innovate new industry-leading products. Corning Iris™ Glass, for example, creates a revolutionary light-guide plate that makes possible a vivid, large-screen TV as slender as a smartphone. And the ultra-slim Corning® Willow® Glass supports thinner displays for both OLEDs and LCDs in portable devices. 

As consumer electronics manufacturers know, Corning glass – with its tough, pristine surface, optical brilliance, and endless versatility – is a key enabler in the electronic devices we can’t be without.

What Corning Offers

What Corning Offers

We have a long history of collaboration and work closely with our customers to design innovative technologies that advance the display industry.

With our global research and manufacturing operations, we continue to produce advanced glass that dramatically minimizes the size and weight of electronic devices. In so doing, our innovations help boost electronics performance while keeping up with consumer expectations for the latest and greatest at an affordable price.

At the heart of our flat-glass leadership is our proprietary fusion process. Large sheets of glass are formed in air — resulting in outstanding surface quality, excellent thickness control, and scalability. Corning is the only company to offer this distinct advantage to consumer electronics customers.

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