Corning Optical Communications Highlights Flexible MDU Deployment Solutions

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Corning Optical Communications Highlights Flexible MDU Deployment Solutions

Corning Optical Communications Highlights Flexible

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Corning Optical Communications Highlights Flexible MDU Deployment Solutions
Corning Optical Communications Highlights Flexible MDU Deployment Solutions
BERLIN, GERMANY | Corning Incorporated | 2012年2月9日

Corning Optical Communications GmbH & Co KG, part of Corning Incorporated’s (NYSE:GLW) Telecommunications segment, is highlighting its flexible indoor and façade multi-dwelling unit (MDU) solutions at the European FTTH Conference, Feb. 15-16 in Munich.

Every MDU is unique, with variations in building size, age, construction codes, hardware locations, power location, building owner preferences, existing copper services and aesthetic preferences. Corning Optical Communications’ indoor and façade MDU solutions simplify the deployment process by providing customized product solutions for virtually every option.

For facade deployments, Corning Optical Communications will highlight several solutions that save installation time and can reduce overall deployment costs:

• The Facade Direct-Drop Preconnectorised Solution utilizes preconnectorised hardware and cable to save installation time. This solution offers a straight-forward deployment technique, with single-drop cables running from a distribution terminal to each individual living unit along a pathway on the façade of the building.
• The OptiTap® Façade Preconnectorised Solution utilizes a single-fibre hardened connector to offer an extremely quick and cost-effective optical deployment in small- and medium-sized MDUs. In this solution, the feeder cable is terminated in a hardened-connector-enabled distribution terminal. Placing this terminal at strategic points on the façade allows the end-customer to be reached quickly by simply connecting preconnectorised drop cables to the distribution terminal and running the cable directly into the end-customer’s apartment.
• The FlexNap™ Façade Solution features a pre-fabricated central riser segment which runs vertically along the façade of an MDU. At various floor levels, individual factory-prepared breakout points are terminated into an outside plant hardened connector. The breakout points are routed to the inside of the building where the connector is terminated inside a floor distribution terminal.

For indoor MDU environments, Corning Optical Communications will again demonstrate how to simplify optical deployments with several customized solutions:

• The ASCEND™ Indoor Solution reduces the overall deployment cost and increases the deployment speed in medium- and large-sized MDUs. The heart of the system consists of a plug-and-play riser cable that utilizes standard SC or LC connectivity on the individual floor level, as well as on the basement cable end. Pre-fabricated breakout points on the floor level are terminated into standard single-fiber connectors, which are protected during installation of the riser cable assembly. Once the floor level is reached, the protection is simply removed and the floor breakouts are connected to the floor distribution box.
• The Indoor Direct-Drop Preconnectorised Solution is tailored for installation processes that allow for rapid connection of end-customers, using preconnectorised cables and hardware. This solution offers a straight-forward deployment technique with single-drop cables running from a basement terminal to each individual living unit.
• The RPDpass® Indoor Preconnectorised Solution features an innovative MTP®-enabled riser segment to achieve quick and easy backbone connection within the MDU. Innovative storage capabilities in either the basement or the floor distribution hardware allow for a complete plug-and-play approach without worrying about cable slack storage.

To learn more about Corning Optical Communications’ MDU deployment solutions, visit Corning’s (booth #G15) at the European FTTH Conference in Munich, Feb. 15-16. For additional information on Corning Optical Communications products and services, contact a customer service representative at +49 800 267-646-41, toll-free in Europe; or visit the website at

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