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Distributed Antenna System

Distributed Antenna System

Distributed Antenna System

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A Complete Portfolio of Operator-Grade, Enterprise-Ready In-Building Cellular Solutions

The comprehensive MobileAccess 1000/2000 portfolio of in-building wireless infrastructure solutions offers built-in RF intelligence and flexible architectures to fit every facility, large or small. As a leading distributed antenna systems vendor, our enterprise-ready, operator-grade solutions enable a wide variety of technologies and service offerings including a 4G LTE network architecture for the newest breed of mobile devices.

Backed by award-winning technical expertise, our portfolio gives enterprise networks and operators maximum flexibility with a broadband, multi-operator pay-as-you-grow option and single-operator options using existing local area network cabling.

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Thinking About Your Future? Here's What You Should Consider:

Mobile Enablement – You have mobile staff, clients, and visitors whose productivity or guest satisfaction depends on wireless services from a variety of wireless operators.

Poor Coverage – Your existing cellular coverage footprint relies on the outdoor macro network and your indoor receive signal strength indicator (RSSI) is well below -85 dBm, and typically available only around building windows.

Mission-Critical Communications – Enterprise applications or communications require redundant networks, coverage, and capacity – in today’s environment robust cellular and Wi-Fi are required to address all applications.

Building Topology – Open buildings with few hard walls require a lower antenna density than more densely constructed facilities. Some infrastructure options allow you to quickly add coverage or capacity as your floor plans change or expand.

Future Service Requirements – Modular system design enables future service additions or capacity additions as operator changes are made or, enterprise demands develop.

Product Spotlight

The MobileAccess 1000/2000 Platform

Superior Indoor Coverage with Maximum Flexibility

Cutting-edge distributed antenna system (DAS) design meets cabling innovation with operator-grade, enterprise-ready solutions

Superior Indoor Coverage with Maximum Flexibility

The MobileAccess 100/2000 line of in-building wireless infrastructure solutions offers built-in RF intelligence and flexible architectures to fit various venue and facility types. These innovative solutions enable a wide variety of technologies for the newest breed of mobile devices. The result is a solution that is widely recommended, adopted, and installed in thousands of deployments worldwide, including more than 200 LTE venues and the largest DAS deployment (capacity) in the United States.

Leverage Common Headend Architecture

A single DAS headend delivers scalable and cost-effective RF coverage and capacity.

Leverage Common Headend Architecture

The MobileAccess 1000/2000headend distributes mobile services from 400 MHz to 6 GHz for GSM, iDEN, LTE, UMTS, DCS, and CDMA and a variety of RF bands, including: CELL, PCS, Public Safety, AWS, 700 MHz LTE, and WMTS.

Customers can leverage a single DAS headend with any number and types of system remotes (standard, medium, high power) for full design flexibility.

Take Advantage of Efficient Remote Power

Optimize designs, minimize equipment footprints and save up to *45% with efficient remote power.

Take Advantage of Efficient Remote Power

TSX/QX Remotes: Low-output power for three or four RF bands, MIMO, and multiple operators. Ideal for high-density applications with large capacity demands.

HX Remotes: Medium-power remotes with 2W of output power, well suited for economizing antenna grids and covering larger floor plans and facilities with limited IT rack space.

GX Remotes: High-power 40W remotes cover large, open outdoor topologies and adjacent indoor spaces. These remotes are designed to cost-effectively extend operator macro-networks, add capacity offload traffic, and avoid tower builds where possible.

Optimized Connectivity Options for Performance

Leverage advanced cabling for DAS to reduce installation time & improve system performance.

Corning is the Most Widely Deployed Brand of Optical Fiber in the World

We now offer complete end-to-end cabling solutions for telecommunications networks. With the distributed antenna system (DAS) becoming a strategic, first-line network element, DAS must meet rapidly evolving wireless network requirements in a cost-effective, scalable, and future-ready manner.

Our advanced cabling solutions provide industry-leading, bendable fiber optics as well as rugged and flexible offerings for hybrid/copper cabling. A variety of connection options, including multifiber, Plug & Play™ systems, and stubbed hardware allow for ease of installation, management, and overall deployment.

An All-Fiber Infrastructure Can Support DAS and More

An All-Fiber Infrastructure

Fiber-based distributed antenna systems have more synergies with your LAN than you think.

DAS networks are evolving from an infrastructure based on rigid coax copper cable to ones based on single-mode fiber. That’s the same type of infrastructure used for other building networks, such as passive optical LAN. Consequently, DAS networks and PONs not only can leverage the same single-mode fiber cabling but also can use the same bulk power plant, power backup, and common cable management, thereby delivering cost savings for the facility owner.

If you are thinking about a DAS for a greenfield project, or if you are planning on installing a new LAN, consider this: when designed right, a single, fiber-based infrastructure might be able to augment LAN, DAS, and Wi-Fi networks and satisfy the requirements of all existing and future enterprise services and applications.

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