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Can I host a private Corning class at my location?

“Corning Fiber Installation (CFI)” course is available at your location as a “private” reserved class. Classes can be reserved for a minimum of eight seats (or the cost for those seats). The event will be set up on Eventbrite.com with a private event link for registration. Requests for training quotes can be made directly by emailing us at stlinfo@corning.com. We will contact you directly with more information, pricing and registration information. Availability is limited.

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What certifications are offered with Corning Fiber Installatin (CFI) Course?

Our courses are recognized by the BICSI, ETA and FOA. Each organization recognizes these courses differently. Each participant of the Corning Fiber Installation course is issued a certificate of completion after the course is completed. They individually submit these to third-party organizations for various certifications. BICSI recognizes this course for 20 CECs, ETA and FOA recognizes it as part of the hands-on portion of their certification (additional assessments and/or credentials might be needed depending on the certification that is being attained). It is always best to direct customers directly to the certifying organization to confirm certification requirements.

The Corning Fiber Installation Course is also a requirement for entrance into the Corning Network of Preferred Installers (NPI) Program. It can be used to fill ongoing training requirements to meet yearly compliance. Please consult yearly requirements directly through the NPI program to ensure the requirements needed for individual NPI members. Please refer to our industry certifications page.

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Are the FOA and ETA tests administered as part of the Corning Fiber Installation (CFI) Course?

We are able to deliver the FOA and ETA tests after our classes, but due to time and the need for dedicated proctors, we will only offer this as a standard offering at our Hickory Corporate location where we know we will have proctors available. Private classes can request FOA and/or ETA proctoring of the test. This should be decided at the time the class is scheduled to assure proper time and resources are matched to the request. There is additional cost for administering the test. FOA and ETA proctoring locations are available in most regions for those who may not have a test option associated with their class offering. Please refer to our industry certifications page.