Corning ONE DAS Technology

Corning ONE DAS Technology

Corning ONE DAS Technology

The Corning® Optical Network Evolution (ONE) Solutions fibre optic infrastructure allows various combinations of SISO and MIMO services to be routed from the headend to specified remote locations of each floor, according to the user-defined configurations via the web management graphical user interface (GUI). This allows optimizing service coverage and provides equipment savings. While the fibre optics infrastructure is common, the services can be routed via service provider shared or dedicated equipment. By default, the system is configured to support a single-service group: all services are transferred to all remote locations. This default configuration can be easily modified according to site requirements.

The essential components of the Corning ONE solution all-fibre distributed antenna system consist of the following:

  • Headend Unit (HEU): Chassis that can house up to 12 RF interface modules (RIMs) used to condition RF signals from multiple cellular RF sources. It also houses the headend control module (HCM). The HCM is the main GUI interface for control and management for the system. The same slot is utilized for other chassis in the same system to house the ACM (auxiliary control module). The HEU chassis holds two slots for PSM (power supply modules, the second is redundant). In addition, the two outside slots (1 and 14) hold RIX cards which are RF expanders modules that are used to connect to other chassis like the OIU. 
  • Optical Interface Unit (OIU): This chassis resembles the HEU but it is used to house 12 optical interface modules (OIMs). The OIM is a wideband RF to F/O (and vice versa) media conversion module. Each OIM can support up to three remote access unit (RAU) connections. The OIU also contains positions for the ACM, two PSM modules, and two optical expander module cards (OIX). 
  • Fibre Management: Fibre harness cables from the OIMs are connected to a fibre management unit. Each OIM connects to six fibres via an MTP®-LC 6-fiber harness cable. The fibre management unit can come from different product families. The Corning CCH or EDGE products both work well. The CCH family works well for some converged solutions.
  • Trunk and/or Composite Fibre: Corning provides multiple single-mode fibre cabling solutions for the Corning ONE platform. The type of trunk and horizontal fiber cabling utilized in the solution depends on the solution requirements.
  • ICU or PSU (Interconnect Unit or Power Supply Unit Chassis): The main function of the ICU/PSU in the Corning® ONE solutions is to provide DC power to the end remote access units and other devices in the zone such as the Corning Gigabit Ethernet module, PON optical network terminals, or remote switches. The ICU/PSU chassis holds either four or six power supply modules (PSM-I). Each PSM-I contain two 100 W ports. The ICU is designed to hold two fibre edge cassettes for fibre management and four PSM-I units. The PSU-6 is designed to hold six PSM-I units and no EDGE cassettes. 
  • Remote Access Unit (RAU): The RAU distributes up to five services via internal antennas (external antennas are optional). The RF services received over optic cables and converted for distribution over internal (or via the external option). An RXU (RF expansion unit) can be added to the modular RAU to add two more frequencies as needed.

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