Primary Hepatocytes

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One Proven Brand, from Metabolism Studies

Enhance the results of your drug metabolism studies with Corning Gentest primary hepatocytes. By choosing these high quality reagents, you'll have a superior in vitro model to determine toxicity, metabolic stability, enzyme induction, drug-drug interaction and drug candidate screening. And by standardizing on the Corning Gentest brand, your organization will have the additional reagents, chemicals, buffers, media, antibodies, and ancillary products it requires to help put promising new drug therapies on a sure path to full commercialization.

Successful drug discovery and development depends upon having high quality fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes proven to provide predictable responses and accelerated data availability.


Corning® Gentest™ Hepatocytes

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Evaluation of Calibration Curve-based Approaches

Evaluation of Calibration Curve-based Approaches

Research supports the use of calibration curve models and human hepatocytes

Researchers use Corning Gentest human cryohepatocytes to evaluate calibration curve

In a study conducted by Zhang et al., researchers were able to use Corning Gentest human cryohepatocytes to assess the amount of P450 induction in the liver by analyzing the concentration response curves of CYP3A4 mRNA in vitro, and established a predictive relationship between the change in AUC in humans and parameters from CYP3A4 mRNA activity in vivo.

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Protocol for Corning Matrigel

Protocol for Corning Matrigel

Materials, equipment, and the procedure required to conduct hepatocyte assay methods

This protocol provides detailed information on conducting the Corning Matrigel® matrix

This protocol provides detailed information on conducting the Corning Matrigel matrix overlay procedure for human hepatocytes previously plated in Corning BioCoat™ Collagen I-coated plates. Hepatocytes should be plated and cultured for at least 6 hours prior to adding the Corning Matrigel matrix overlay.

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FAQs: Corning Gentest Hepatocytes

FAQs: Corning Gentest Hepatocytes

Get the answers you need to take full advantage of our line of fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes.

Frequently Asked Questions: Corning Gentest Hepatocytes

From the recommended density of hepatocytes used in metabolism assays to suggested handling procedures, get answers to commonly asked questions about using Corning Gentest hepatocytes.

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