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Technical Literature

Technical Literature

Technical Literature


Radiation Shielding Glass and Radiation Resistant Glass

Corning® Med-X® Glass brochure 

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Corning® Med-X® Glass - Product Information Sheet
Corning® Med-X® Glass - General Logistical Recommendations
Corning® Med-X® Glass - General Packing Recommendations 

Corning® Med-X® LT Glass brochure


Supercontryx® Glass brochure

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Corning® Med-X® Glass Blanks for Radiation Protection Glasses 

Technical Data Sheet

Glass Ceramics

MACOR® Product Information brochure 

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MACOR® Machining guidance


Ophthalmic Glass

Ophthalmic Products Specifications (85 NQ 01)
Glass Products Data Sheets
Glass Products Standard Items