Corning® Viridian™ Vials

Performance Meets Sustainability

Performance Meets Sustainability

The pharmaceutical industry and the broader life sciences play a paramount role in global health, making life-saving medications accessible and continually pushing the boundaries of medical innovation. However, the magnitude of these operations also creates an environmental footprint that cannot be ignored.

Reducing carbon emissions, raw material usage, and material waste is essential to ensuring the long-term health of the planet and the people who inhabit it.

Corning® Viridian™ Vials, externally coated Type 1 borosilicate vials, are a drop-in solution made with 20% less glass material, enabling up to a 30% reduction in Cradle to Gate, Scope 3 emissions.

Viridian Vials can protect product quality and boost filling line productivity – helping our customers increase production in a more environmentally friendly package.

Features and Benefits

Vial Comparison

Sustainable Design

By reducing the vial's wall thickness by 30%, Viridian Vials are made with 20% less glass than conventional vials. The reduction in material enabling up to a 30% reduction in Cradle to Gate, Scope 3 emissions.


Viridian Vials' material reduction means less raw material is extracted from the environment and less material waste is sent to landfill at end-of-life. The material reduction combined with 100% renewable electricity in the manufacturing process, enables a meaningful reduction in our customers Scope 3 emissions. 

Performance Accelerator

Vial-to-vial and glass-to-metal friction, along with vial impact, are leading sources of reduced efficiency and yield in the drug filling process. Corning’s proprietary coating reduces friction and protects the base glass from damage, enabling faster line speeds and improved operational efficiency.


Viridian Vials can impove filling line efficiency by 20 - 50% compared to conventional glass vials. 





Protecting Quality

Protecting Quality

Viridian Vials’ protective external coating can reduce damage that leads to cracks, breaks, and cosmetic rejects. 


Viridian Vials exhibit the same or better breakage rate as compared to conventional vials in a horizontal compression strength test after representative filling line damage.


Corning’s external coating can also reduce glass particulates from fill- finish by up to 96%. 




Bring Science to Life. Sustainably.

Our Commitment

Corning is paving the way for cleaner air, cleaner water,
and healthier generations tocome. For Corning’s Life Sciences
business segments this means bringing science to life sustainably,
from research to drug delivery. 

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Solving your primary packaging issues

Solving your primary packaging issues

Corning’s sustained investment in research, development, and engineering capabilities means we’re always ready to solve the toughest challenges alongside our customers. We work hand-in-hand with your team to assess the need, identify key opportunities, and align these areas of opportunity to one of our distinct value programs.

Productivity Increase 
Get the most out of your existing lines by increasing efficiency and yield.
Cost Reduction
Viridian Vials can reduce total cost of ownership by improving fill-finish productivity, lowering API loss, and reducing downtime.
Quality Improvement
Thanks to Corning’s patented external vial coating, Viridian Vials can help to reduce cosmetics defects and lower the risk of drug recall due to glass particle contamination.
Sustainability Improvement
Align primary packaging with your broader ESG goals. See how Viridian Vials can reduce your Scope 1 and 2 emissions.


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