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Support and enhance stem cell adhesion and expansion with Corning Synthemax vitronectin substrate

Support & enhance stem cell adhesion and expansion

Create a more in vivo-like environment for stem cell culture with Corning Synthemax vitronectin substrate—an animal-free, synthetic, flexible vitronectin-based peptide substrate for serum or serum-free expansion of hPSCs and other adult stem cell types. Synthemax vitronectin substrate also offers a synthetic, xeno-free alternative to biological coatings and/or feeder cell layers used in hES and iPS cell culture.

Amendable to coating Corning microcarriers for larger-scale stem cell expansion applications, Synthemax vitronectin substrate allows for:


  • Scalable, multi-passage expansion of pluripotent stem cells in serum-free media, such as mTeSR™.
  • Differentiation into a number of cell types, including retinal pigment epithelial cells and cardiomyocytes.
  • Propagation of various progenitor cell types.
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Synthemax Vitronectin Substrate

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